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TrueType (TTF) and OpenType (OTF) fonts on this page are my own work and they all are available for download, but you may not modify them or sell them without my permission so please don't do it!

The site contains 56 fonts and each of them uses one of these three kinds of licenses:


The newer and more complicated fonts are free just for personal and non-commercial use. That means that if you want to use such font for a commercial project (a book, company logo, etc.) you must pay a license fee.

If you want to buy a license you can use PayPal buttons spread across the website and after the payment is completed I will email you your license document which covers the whole font family (Regular, Bold, etc.). The email should arrive within 24 hours. If you don't receive anything within that time period please check your spam or junk folder first.

If you prefer a different kind of payment please email me.

Free The older and simpler fonts are completely free so you can use them for any graphic work you want.
Test Some fonts are available only as an unfinished testing version. You can freely use them but I don't really recommend it because you will very likely find something missing. ;)

However if you miss some special character or something does not "feel right" don't hesitate to contact me. All fonts are considered "in progress" and all found inconsistencies or errors are being fixed.

Vít Čondák

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> NameLanguagesVersionUpdated
0.64 2015-12-08
Commercial En Cz Sk De Fr Pl Gr Ru
0.23 2017-02-10
Free En Cz Sk Pl Fr De
0.18 2017-01-13
Free En Cz Sk Pl Fr De
0.21 2018-01-07
Free En Cz Sk Fr De Pl
0.18 2014-12-02
Commercial En Cz Sk Pl Fr De
0.26 2014-05-18
Test En Cz
0.13 2014-05-17
Test En Cz
0.984 2014-02-22
Commercial En Cz Sk De Fr Pl Gr
0.984 2014-02-22
Commercial En Cz Sk De Fr Pl Gr
0.17 2015-03-07
Commercial En Cz Sk De Fr Pl
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